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First thing first go through Linux Academy and ACloudGuru (Previously I done these separately when the companies were not merged). Watch each course and this one also, scan around you might find it cheaper elsewhere

Reading Stamina & Time Management. Before getting into what to learn an important note I just thought would mention is around time management, For anyone that had already sat the exams will know a lot of time and sacrifice is required, so with a little kid, a full time job and home life responsibilities swallow most of the time up. What worked for me…

aws certification

Some thoughts on the exam. Unfortunately the odds where not in my favor the first time I sat it my score was ( 645 — but needed 750 to pass)

Second time I done it I passed with a score in 900

Again biggest is around time management and again the keywords “LEAST Effort, MOST Cost Efficient, LEAST Impact/Disruption” — real test being around eliminating 2 incorrect answers and narrowing in on the remaining 2.

In terms of questions presented and topics on the exam while still fresh in my mind.

  • AWS Cognito
  • CIDR Ranges
  • Making VPC secure
  • Direct Connect

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, it is important to always ensure that your workloads are running optimally. There are many factors that contribute to a well architected environment. AWS offer a bootcamp that explain what is required to have a well architected environment on AWS. This article will share with you some of the things I’ve learnt from attending the bootcamp. Please read on to learn more.

The Well-Architected Bootcamp aims to focus on a number of key areas that set out to provide benefits for customers through understanding and adopting the best practices in building an AWS…

Spent the weekend provisioning resources to AWS with Terraform. Thought I’d make some notes which hope you find valuable.

What did I do and learn?

Implemented concepts of variables, maps etc and went through the documentation which is excellent!

Advanced Concepts also covered including Workspaces and its purpose when creating Dev / Test / QA / Staging / Prod etc and the need for consistency and how to deploy.

How Terraform env’s are managed and operated with by Workspaces and how to switch between the different environments and tear them down.

Pushing a deployment environment from staging to production…

Ryan Rafferty

Cloud & DevOps

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