AWS Well-Architected Review

The 5 Pillars & its value

  • Gain more understanding and awareness of how your workloads are configured
  • How your workloads are positioned
  • What risks have been identified
  • How often they’ve been reviewed
  • What the remediation of those are, and
  • What improvements can be been made to those over time

Design Principles

Reliability Pillar

Operational Excellence Pillar

Security Pillar

Performance & Efficiency Pillar

Cost Optimisation Pillar

The Intent of The Reviews Themselves?

Operational Readiness

Automating & Experimenting Easier

The Well-Architected Tool — A Journey to Learn, Measure and Improve


  • The Well-Architected reviews are not audits
  • The reviews are time boxed and you as a customer are made aware of the time expectation
  • The reviews can run in 2 sessions
  • There is a statement of work involved but you are under no obligation to commit
  • Reviews are specific to the pillar areas
  • If you feel there is part of the review not needed it is ok to leave it out.
  • High Risk Issue is not a best practice discovered during review and could impact, revenue and reputation negatively
  • Workload is a collection of resources and code, consists of a subnet in a single AWS account or multiple resources spanning multiple AWS accounts
  • Well-Architected Tool helps you review and compare the latest in best practices
  • Lenses are a unique set of questions based on common type of workload



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